Sunday, March 8, 2009



scott Killeen said...

I see this is the fountain you posted on Hub Garage. Do you create large pieces of work? And I mean large say I have a 12 foot high chimney we would like to have a sculpture on, something like a weaving vine. We would like it in bare copper also. Tell me what you think?
All of you pieces obviously show exquisite detail and beautiful metal work.

Coppretta Barb said...

Thank you Scott, Yes I do! Where are you located? Large works can be broken up into smaller sections for shipping depending on your location. I can design something using brink clips to hide the clips within the design. I would think you would want something about 8 feet long and the width would also depend on your fireplace width.

If you email me at:
we can get more specific and I can work out prices for you.

Coppretta Barb said...

Another post : )