Friday, June 13, 2008

And 30 of these climbing...
(roses will be red and leaves in verdigris with copper edges, the frame will remain copper)
This is the left side of the frame. There is a Left, Right and Center section... The bowl will be 44"x 24" and the trellis will be 36" tall in the back (center) section. Those blank panels will have some bees and dragonflys, ladybugs and butterflies on them in repousse.
Low yellow flowers will separate the 6 Purple Iris' with water from beneath them.
Two cherubs will perch in the center squares, a girl with a bird on her lap and a boy with a jug... yes pouring more
water into a large set of leaves leading it down to the bowl.

Kerry and Carolyn's Fountain

This is my largest commission yet..

I'll post updates... just parts for now...

6 of these water flows from the petals.

This was a PGAS Press Pass... sort of a joke in a limited edition for members of one of my favorite forums.

PGAS ... they decided the pass should have a pigs behind and the tail could be the p...

This guy popped into my head!

In copper with liver of sulphur patina. Limited edition. LOL!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rose of Sharon Sculpture

A better photo, see more of this and others, in my sold gallery soon!
Sharon sent me this lovely letter and has graciously allowed me to post it here:

Hi Barb,

I can't tell you what a beautiful surprise I received!
The copper Rose of Sharon's are spectacular.
The color in them is amazing, and I love the copper trim around the roses and leaves.
You are quite an artist. Rondo knows how much I love the Rose of Sharon plants, and where we moved it's too cold to keep them, so he thought this was a "special" way that I could still enjoy my Rose of Sharon flowers.
I can't even imagine the amount of work that went into this artwork you did for me. Thank you so very much, I will cherish my Rose of Sharon flowers and pitcher---forever!
(Except for the next couple of days, Rondo is taking it to the metal meet this weekend to show everyone)

Thank you again for this wonderful work of art.
Sharon Biggs

Thank you Sharon! It is my pleasure, and greatest joy when I can make someone happy with what I love to do!