Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh what a week!

Ok.. sorry I got sidetracked!
To all of you who wrote me last week and liked what little there is of my blog- Thank you!
So this week I'll just have to thank my wonderful customers!
They kept me so busy last week I had no time to write : }

Friday, March 7, 2008

tonights Thank you!

Tonights Thank You goes out to Wonderful glass artist Terry Hale in Madison, Al.
Not knowing me at all- Terry was so nice to show me how to use my Smith Little torch when I first started Coppretta. I was really intimidated at the thought of my (clumsy) self with something that could explode! No amount of reading was going to give me the courage to try it.
Terry is so patient, funny, and such a joy to be around! I'm so glad to have such a wonderful friend. I need to go visit soon, it's been so long but we have both been very busy! : }

Terry's website:
PS. I was lucky enough to purchase this frog... and a bunch of friends for him!


Today I spent most of the day doing web research on plants and working in the website photos.

Saturday I'm looking foward to a trip with a wonderful customer friend Rachel, for a wildflower tour! Rachel was the first to suggest the wildflowers in driftwood, which has been really interesting. I am still working on a large group of them but got a bit sidetracked with some commissions that came up. : } Always a good thing!

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures here,
That's all for now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finally, a Blog!

Hello Everyone!

I have been going on adreneline it seems for weeks now. Last week I met a great bunch of guys at the Dixieland Metal Meet. What a blast! Think all sorts of guys, like one big family, all busily cutting, hammering, grinding, and welding. Sparks flying everywhere and everyone learning something in the midst of all that. I never said I had a normal appetite for life! It was wonderful, exhausting but wonderful.

Next time I am taking those 1 inch thick flip flops I never wear and epoxying them to the bottom of my shop shoes! The concrete floors are rough on the bones, especially if you have broken your toes a few hundred times like I have. Did I say I was clumsy? Ok, Done. The guys that were still there on Sunday got or were taught by me and made their own copper orchid to bring home. These guys know metal and did a wonderful job on them!

Since this is my opening post of my Blog I have to say I need to thank a few people and tell my bits about them. This will take many posts so I'll do one a day and see if I ever catch up to the present time.

Gee, I hope I don't!

I need to start by thanking my friend Sherry Montez (website coming soon) Who first got my gears going after showing me her lily flower made of a scrap of copper sheet someone gave her.
Thanks to you too, scrap giver-whoever you are.
Ideas have been flooding my brain ever since and I just moved on to my third sketchbook!
I could live three lifetimes and no be able to build it all.

I have limited myself to a 10 minute post each night, and my time is already up!
{Edited for Reality} LOLOLOL Naaa! I was never good at schedules.
too much to learn out there.

Maybe this will improve my typing speed!{edited for Reality} Wahahahaha! Not.

Till tomorrow..