Monday, December 29, 2008

A quick peek in the sketchbook

A bunch of folks have asked me at events if I made sketches of my works or just started working the metal.

The answer is yes, and no... I don't think they all qualify as sketches. They are more like doodles.

sometimes they are really rough plans of a shape or way to shape a part of a piece-and at times I am lucky if I can remember what it was supposed to be!

I grabbed a bunch and thought I'd post them here ..(please pardon the image quality, I had to use the cell camera as the other was ill at the moment)
I'm always amused that people want to look through the sketchbook... like it's the secret sauce recipe...
well, maybe it is, for me?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Morgan County TAG kids

This past Wednesday was really exciting! I went to the Cotaco School and taught 165 kids to make copper heart ornaments they got to bring home. That picture was about half of them!
I'll see if I can get some more pictures to post here, but once they let the kids at me there was No more picture taking time for me!
The kids were all so wonderful.. I was very impressed. There must be a lot of proud parents out there, or there should be. I found striking examples of excellent manners, selflessness, team spirit, and kindness there.
I hope to be able to make this a yearly event, it sure boosted my spirits!

Thanks so much to my good friends Kerry and Dan. I'll be able to do that over and over as they furnished most of the tools to do this.
Kerry invented the bolt hammers for this project, and made up 15 of them. They were perfect for this project.
Dan donated to supplies & furnished me with great hardwood blocks to make the forms with.
Thanks also to Karen Kelley of the schools for all her help in getting me informed so I was properly prepared.

After that I was interviewed by Beth Norwood of WLRH in Huntsville. That was a lot of fun too.
I had to race to get there in time, but got there a few minutes early, if out of breath.
Beth really was wonderful, she got me to say all sorts of things I never would have thought of.